PixelPR provides solutions that cover the entire process from creative design production. Your projects come to life through digital design, programming and creativity. PixelPR serves clients in business consulting, banking, healthcare, private elementary and higher education.

Continuity from A to Z Putting The Web To Work   Data, Tagging & Design

There are many benefits to using a full-spectrum communications firm, such as PixelPR. The foremost benefit is continuity between your printed materials, email, intranet and public web site.

The public image your organization works so hard to create is consistent and easily maintained through our disciplined approach of documentation and tool dvelopment.

A to Z. Depdeninding on your organization's needs, PixelPR can create results driven creative materials — from print advertisements through client web'zines.

As the Internet has evolved as one of the most powerful business tools known to man, web designers have evolved as well. But all web designers are not created equal. A good web designer has an interest in your ideas and thoughts and pays attention to your vision. By and large a good web designer listens, but will also make suggestions that might be more effective. A good web designer will show a high level of appreciation for your overall sales objectives, and basic business goals. And above all, a good web designer will be in possession of strong technical expertise. PixelPR has gained a positive reputation in the web designing community as having achieved in all of the above categories.


PixelPR provides comprehensive web development services to clients of all sizes, throughout the United States.

We specialize in the design and development of database driven web sites and Internet applications. This means that we can design and develop any sort of web site or provide any sort of Internet application service you can imagine.

Our favorite web development tools include:

PHP programming language
MySQL relational database
RedHat Linux operating system
Apache web server
W3C Standards